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Gumpun Gloves

Price: ฿1800.00

Our new innovative Compact Gumpun Gloves are finally here! The inline cushion is made from memory foam which is very effective when used as a shock absorber for new boxers as well as veteran boxers as it protects your wrist muscles whilst throwing a punch! These gloves were researched and created by the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Engineering Khon Kaen University, Thailand specifically designed for usuage to avoid injury as well as packing power!
Our gloves come with a variety of colours! So have your pick.

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  • Category:Gloves, Training Gear
  • Sizes Available:6 OZ, 8 OZ, 10 OZ, 12 OZ
    (6 OZ only available in Rose Gold and Green & Gold)
  • Colors Available:Rose Gold, Black & Gold, White & Gold, Green & Gold, Red Metallic, Blue Metallic, Brown Leather, Purple Pastel, Silver
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Check out below how Gumpun Gloves were made and created!