ED visa

ED visa

ED visa

ED visa

At Gumpun Muaythai School, we are here to help you become unbeatable and unstoppable Muay Thai fighters.

If you love Muay Thai, you must come to train and learn secret of Muay Thai in the homeland of great Muay Thai fighters. Gumpun Muaythai School accredited by the  Ministry of Education. Our high skilled and great experienced Kru Muay (Muay Thai teacher) will train you with advance knowledge and authentic techniques that are designed to help you optimize your power and skills in Muay Thai. We will empower you to become an extraordinary fighter with our unique training techniques. 

During your studying and training, you will not only be trained and practiced Muaythai but you will also experience Thai culture from Thai friends, foods, and travel around local areas. Most importantly you will have an opportunity to train in local camps who are our alliances. Whether you come alone, with friends or with family, we prepare a total experience for you by partnering  up with local homestay-style of accommodation, tour operations and many fun places so that you can enjoy amazing experience when you up-skill your Muay Thai techniques.


Education Visa for long -term programs

Class focuses on Fight Fitness and Ring 

Gumpun Muay Thai School holds a school license from the Ministry of Education that enables us to help foreign students apply for a Non-Immigrant visa Type O for Education (ED) for long-term programs. The visa valid for 3 months with a possibility to extend  up to 1 year. We will prepare an invitation letter for foreign student who enrolls in one of our  programs that has a study period of at least 3 months. To assist you with an invitation and documents to apply for a visa,

please contact us at gumpun@gumpunmuaythai.com.  We will then send you a list of required documents and procedure to you. In addition, we will guide you to all process until you get a visa and come to learn the secret of Muay Thai with us.

Offered programs for ED Visa 3-12 months (See price list)


Certificate is available

For the fighters who take class with us for at least 80 hrs (from 100 hrs), practice for 240 hrs (from 300 hrs) and pass our tests, we will issue a Muay Thai Certificate to certify your Muay Thai achievement.


How’s Gumpun Pro different from the normal course?

The professional class run twice daily 6-9 am. and 7-9 pm. You need to train tougher than the normal course for your stronger body to capable of using it as a weapon and protection. You need to train your speed for the attacking and how to protect yourself from the opponents through these lessons.

Shadow Boxing: This technique will help you improve your flexibility, the way you attack and move more naturally.

Punching Boxing Bag Training: This technique will be taking care of professional Muay Thai instructors. They will teach you how to do the pose and attack correctly.


Pad Work: Trainers will use the pad as a target and you need to attack them by punching, kicking or use other Muay Thai technique. Trainers won’t let you know what you need to do next, you need to think and move quickly with your speed, just like a real fight. This technique will help you advance your movement control and eyesight to be able to protect yourself and attack the target promptly.


Clinch: This technique will help you improve the strength of your neck and shoulder. Moreover, you can practice your rapid attacking skill, balancing and short distance confronting.


Sparring Fight: You need to apply all the technique that you have learned and practiced, to fight with the opponent. You need to predict which way will the opponent goes and what will happen next. While practicing on a sparring fight, you need to be prepared all the time because you can be attacked anytime and you need to know when you have to guard yourself.





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