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The Legendary art of Muay Thai is a life style.
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Our story

We want you to train with the greatest in Thailand. We want to provide you with the most Authentic and Progressive Muay Thai training possible.
Gumpun Muay Thai Academy was developed to recruit retired professional and passionate Muay Thai boxers. We strive to innovate and further develop Muay Thai boxing programs to bring it to a modern standard. Gumpun Academy has become one of the leading academies in keeping the legendary art of Thailand's Muay Thai alive through providing retired boxers with the opportunity to train others and keep doing what they are passionate about. In return, Gumpun offers state of the art, muay thai products and gyms to train and teach in. This opportunity is then provided to you! We will teach you everything whether you are just a beginner or already an advanced boxer!

Our Story


70 Sessions a Week
We will work with you passionately through everyday in order to raise your skill levels.
12+ Professional Boxers/Trainers
Our multitude of certified trainers are all professionally experienced to teach every skill level!
Effective Group Training
Work with our team and in a group in order to share your experiences with others who are trying to get better!
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What does Gumpun Stand for?
Our logo is created from the spirit of Muay Thai fighter. Red color represents the power of the fighters. Black color is the mindful, strength, and the strong determination of the fighters. White is the health and well being of those who practice Muay Thai. The fist is the will power to win the fight and any obstacles in life. Red shape surrounding the logo is created to celebrate the heart of all the fighters in the world. And the fonts are specially created to mimic the Muay Thai font.