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Starting at the Academy: A FAQ Guide for Beginners starting Muay Thai
  • How should I prepare myself for a Muay Thai class and how should I dress up?
    We recommend that you, our clients, have a meal at least one hour or an hour and a half before the class. You don't want to work out on an empty stomach as you need a lot of energy to train for Muay Thai! As for the dress code any gym apparel without sneakers will do! We have boxing gloves and hands wraps which can be provided to you on site, you can also bring your own if you want to!
  • Do I need to have boxing skills to join the classes?
    You do not have to have the basics down in order to join our classes! Our trainers are well trained in order to be able to adjust to any skill level all the way from beginners to advanced boxing strategies and will be able to provide you with everything you need in order to learn and become skilled at Muay Thai!
  • Will I get injuries by practicing a lot of Muay thai?
    Here at Gumpun we make sure that each and everyone is fully protected and well prepared. Our trainers also adjust to you and your skillsets. However, Muay Thai is a full contact sport in which body impact is inevitable while training, however you are provided with the full protection needed to make sure that you are not injured.
  • Are females able to attend classes? Does age matter?
    Of course! Females are definitely able to learn and practice Muay Thai at every level as Muay thai is a physical art form! We already have a lot of females as our clients. And age doesn't matter, we provide training to all sexes and all age groups!
  • What courses are there at Gumpun?
    We are currently focussed on Muay Thai Courses. We recently introduced MMA into our courses as well!

  • What are the costs like for courses at Gumpun?
    We have a variety of payment plans and course plans in which you can choose from, whether you want to try Muay Thai out for just a few classes to constant learning and training or just walk in each time you want to join our classes!

Training at the Academy: A FAQ Guide for advanced Muay Thai
  • Are there Advanced classes?
    Here at Gumpun, for our advanced clients who are good at Muay Thai and have learnt all the basics, there are more advanced courses for those who wish to have their skillset tested! You can also ask your trainer for harder courses and techniques to perform and train!
  • Will I be able to spar with the trainers?
    You will be able to enter sparring sessions with your trainer! However, here at Gumpun we also have a fight club event which is held yearly, in which you can join to see how you perform against others. This is provided to you as an opportunity to see what you're made of. Why train and learn Muay thai if you can't put those skills to the test?
  • Fight club sessions at Gumpun?
    We provide sparring and fight sessions here at Gumpun at the end of every training day! Pre fight club starts at 19:00 PM to 20:30 and the fight club starts at 20:00 pm until 21:00 PM!
  • Requirements for the fight club sessions?
    In these fight club sessions our only requirements are that you are 15+, as you know in Thailand, Junior from as little as 8 years old train for Muay Thai, however for our clients for everyones safety we limit this. If you are under 18, you are required to provide Gumpun with an acceptance note from your parents. Other than that you will be able to join at your own volition.
  • What do I need to join the tournament?
    We do provide a tournament here at Gumpun yearly. Although not just anybody is able to join, we require you to have a vouch from a certified trainer that you are capable and understand the rules of fighting.
  • Who will I be fighting?
    We tend to match each individual with another individual at the same skill level, age and weight. You will be notified by our team at the tournament or before the fight sessions begin!
  • Does it count as a pro fight?
    Yes, the fights held at the tournament are fully regulated and do count as a professional fight with certified judges and referees oversee the tournament.
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