Vacation Training

Come train Muay Thai at the root and heart of where it started!
What is Vacation Training?

Gumpun Camp

Explore the beauty of Thailand whilst learning the techniques and secrest of Muay Thai!
Muay Thai, the best striking martial art form, is an absolute pride and heritage of Thailand. For many decades, Muay Thai has gained its popularity as a high intensity and extreme sport around the world. In fact, Muay Thai has just been recognised as an official Olympic sport and it will be featured at the 2023 European Games in Poland!
Gumpun Muay Thai Camp offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to learn true authentic Muay Thai right at its roots in which Muay Thai was born!
Whether you’re just a beginner who wants to try out Muay Thai for fitness and fun or a professional that is preparing for a fight, we will help you unleash your true power. You and your Muay Thai trainer, called “Kru Muay” in Thai, will practice on various techniques together until you can carry out those secret techniques by instinct. Transform yourself and become a Muay Thai fighter!
For those of you that just want to explore Thailand as well as Train for Muay Thai this is the perfect opportunity for you! Check out the video below to see all the amazing cultural destinations and fun activities nearby where you train!

Khon Kaen

Limitless amounts of fun activities!

Fight & Fun!

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Thailand!
Khon Kaen is a beautiful city located in the Northeast of Thailand. Most of the great Muay Thai Champions known today were born and trained here!

In between training as well as day offs you can travel to amazing destinations nearby and enjoy adventure activities within the Khon Kaen Province which is filled with beautiful cultural sites and friendly locals! Furthermore, if you're willing to travel just a little further to nearby provinces you can also explore the beautiful mountains and world renown Esaan foods like Somtum and spicy pork salad.