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Gumpun Oil

Price: ฿109.00 for 15 ml / ฿650.00 for 100 ml

Our new 100% natural ingredient massage oil is here! Consistently developed through Thailand cultural ancient history and most recently developed with Gumpun Muay Thai with Tech Based Enterprise we welcome you to try out our herbal remedy.

Massage Oil has existed in within Thailand in its culture and history used to be used to treat those with pain, exhaustion and muscle wear and tear. However, in recent times this oil is used before and after exercising as it provides and very refreshing boost to those who apply it.

Why should you choose Gumpun Massage oil?

There are multiple benefits that come with using the massage oil before and after. If used before it opens up your pores to allow your skin to breathe naturally as it exercises, the oil itself is great for your skin! It also has a warming effect which keeps your muscles warm and blood flow for up to 60 minutes.

Using the oil after an intensive workout allows the user's muscles to slowly relax and release any tension built up within the body. Give it a try!

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  • Category:Oil, Massage oil, Herb
  • Sizes & Prices Available:
    15 ml.
    - 1 bottle / ฿109.00
    - 2 Bottles / ฿210.00
    - 4 Bottles / ฿410.00
    - 8 Bottles / ฿810.00

    100 ml.
    - 1 bottle / ฿650.00
    - 2 Bottles / ฿1235.00
    - 4 Bottles / ฿2340.00
    - 8 Bottles / ฿4420.00

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